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Jessica Hallet remembers the cool waters of Lake Winnipeg, the satisfaction of stringing a bow and arrow, and the liberation of life outside the city.

These are things she enjoyed as a youth at Camp Arnes. Things she may never have experienced without the support of the Manitoba Camping Association’s Sunshine Fund.


Now 29 and a mother of four, Hallet is feeling the excitement of summer camp once again, this time via her 10-year-old daughter, Hope, who will attend Camp Arnes for the first time in July.
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Support Alli and Yale with a Wedding Gift Donation to the Sunshine Fund

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In lieu of gifts Alli and Yale have asked wedding guests to donate to the Sunshine Fund

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The MCA would like to thank the Winnipeg Foundation for providing us with

a stabilization grant in the summer of 2021.


We are grateful that this grant was available to help us  survive through these uncertain times.



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