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MCA NL Training Course

NL training (all 6 sessions required)

May 6 & 7

May 13 & 14

May 27 & 28


Saturdays and Sundays

9am - 5:30pm - 1 hour lunch break.

Last Sunday finish around 2pm


An opportunity to re-certify will be offered on Sunday May 28

(cost yet to be determined)


Cost: $300 per person, includes manual & certification.

Accredited camps receive $100 grant/person = $200/person


Register: with

- Proof of Bronze Cross & Standard First Aid/CPR C

- DOB (must be a minimum of 15 years old)

- Address

- Phone number

- Email

Thanks to those camps who sent staff to be trained in the MCA offered courses partnering with the YM/YWCA, Winnipeg: Standard First Aid and Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross combined course.


Many thanks to Park Avenue Real Estate and the MB Coalition for Safer Waters for the grant to help make this possible, offsetting the cost for participants for the lifeguarding courses.

Education Opportunity

I just wanted to connect directly with you about a new workshop we've created alongside the Outdoor Council of Canada. It's a one day (plus a 2 hour pre-course Zoom call) course on SUNDAY, April 16th.


We've put more info on social media BUT could you help us with 2 things?

1) Pass on this information to anyone in your networks. Social media, email, conversations, texts, etc.


2) Consider taking the workshop...we need feedback and insight. If you're receiving this email, I want to offer the price at $25 for you PERSONALLY to attend. That's 1/3rd the cost (normally $75).

MCA executive director Kim Scherger participated in this course in the fall and suggests at lease one of your camp staff members enroll.


Why are we offering this workshop? We understand that the OCC Field Leader certification course is long (2 full days) and can be expensive for educators and camp staff ($195). SO, this is to bridge that gap for half the duration and less than half the cost. THE BEST PART...if you want to take the full certification course with the OCC, this will count towards 8 credit hours with our instructors (Wilderland Adventure Company).


We're working really hard at making this training accessible for all educators...and beyond (we'll be offering a version of this directly for the summer camp sector due time).




I appreciate all of you and the hard work you do in our community. I am thankful for our friendship and being part of your life journey.


Wilderland Adventure Company


PH: 204-612-5300



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