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International Camp Directors Course (ICDC)
The MCA is teaching the International Camp Directors Course (ICDC)
October 21-25, 2024 at Roseau River Bible Camp

Lead Trainers: Jared Clarke and Kim Scherger

The ICDC has been developed as a professional development course for camp managers, directors and operators. It is equally valuable for any experienced camp staff professional.

This intensive four day course addresses all aspects of Camp Management in an interactive exchange environment with other members of the camping and outdoor community and builds on skills and learning of both faculty and participants.

The curriculum was originally developed by a team of camp professionals in North America but has been expanded to encompass the broadest range of camping and outdoor experiences in all countries. The curriculum has been reviewed and revised over the years and, in some cases, has also been adapted to local, national or regional situations and standards, making it a valuable professional development tool for local needs and a bridge to camping at the international level.

All courses are approved and administered by the International Camping Fellowship (ICF) using both local and international ICDC Trainers. Certain courses are designed to provide the most international overview of the camping profession and these courses also offer a supplementary training in developing future course instructors (ICDC Trainer)
Course Goals
Goal 1 – To present the basics of camp management in the core areas of the organized body of knowledge
Goal 2 – To expand their network of peers and develop a community of professionals in a “camp like” atmosphere
Goal 3 – To provide an introduction to self-directed learning and the participants’ role in their own professional development process
The course curriculum includes a broad range of camp management topics.
Course Contents: (subject to change)
•    Vision and camp business sustainability
•    Accommodation – fire systems and essential services
•    Grounds management- arborists and grounds risk assessments
•    Catering commercial kitchens standards – food handling and kitchen regulations
•    Activities – Activity Standards (aquatic, ropes, cycle, ratios, 
   qualifications, equipment, logging, reporting, checking, maintaining, 
   briefing, debriefing, risk assessments, etc.)
•    Work place agreements and HR requirements
•    Buildings and asset standards
•    Manage the ins and outs
•    Look after the client
•    Participant outcomes


$700 for MCA Accredited Member Camps 
$950 non-accredited camps
Includes course material, accommodations, meals and 
some camp activity fun too Zipline, horseback riding…


Register NOW.

More details from the ICF website:

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