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How to Choose a Camp

Manitoba and NorthWestern Ontario have many incredible, unique camps to choose from. What you need to do before signing up is determine which one will be best-suited to your child.

Location matters - Not all camps offer transportation services so it is important to confirm this with the camp. If they do not offer transportation, you will need to be able to physically transport your child to camp. 

Your child’s age - Most camps offer programming for children that range in age from 6-17 years old. It is important to ensure that the session they are registered for is age appropriate for your child.   

Interests - Knowing what your child likes or hopes to do at camp is an important factor when selecting a camp. Some camps offer more adventure based programming and physical activity than others. The variety of activities available varies from camp to camp so it is important to know what your child is interested in what experience he or she wants to get out of camp.

Find an MCA accredited camp.

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