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Dealing with Homesickness

It doesn’t happen to everybody, but when it does it can be a difficult experience for both the parent and the child. Even if you’ve practiced independence before sending your child to camp, he or she may feel the need to be at home with their parents.

Send a note and/or a care package - this will act as a reminder that you’re thinking of them and that you will be there when they get home to hear about their adventure.

Let a camp director know if your child might be apprehensive so they can make sure to include them in activities and help gently guide them through fun activities until they’re able to do it on their own.

Encourage your child to stay at camp the whole week.. If home-sick phone calls occur, it can help to remind your child there are only a few more short fun-filled days before heading. home. 

Good advice for homesickness can be found at:

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