Selection and Hiring

Interview Process 

Prior to setting up the interviews, it is important to establish consistent questions that will be used for each candidate. Ensure that interview questions are relevant and appropriate for the position you are looking to fill. Sample questions can be found here


Ensure each candidate provides at least two reference contacts. It is not appropriate for references to be family members or friends. References should have knowledge of candidates experience in work or volunteer setting.  


Is your organization faced with hiring a senior director or executive director? Finding the right person for this role is critical to the strategic direction and overall culture of your organization. Some tools to help you through the recruitment process can be found here


The Executive Director Hiring Guide is a great resource to assist with the hiring of senior leaders for your organization. 


Employment Offers/Contracts

When making offers of employment, ensure the following information is included: 

  • position held

  • rate of pay, work conditions (i.e. hours of work, inclement weather, 24 hour supervision of campers) and benefits of employment.  Benefits of employment would include, for example, room and board, time off, vacation pay, or any health benefits provided.

  • method and timing of payment

  • start and end dates of employment

  • signature from staff member in agreement with terms and conditions of employment 


For all employees, the following must be kept in the employee's file on site:​

  • copies of all relevant certifications 

  • copies of current Criminal Reference Checks (refer to Standard L6 in MCA Standards Manual for more information)

  • signed contract

  • copies of reference checks 

  • medical information as it relates to the staff member's ability to perform duties of the position at an appropriate standard (i.e. severe allergic reactions, eplilespy, asthma)


Criminal Record Checks for Vulnerable Persons do not include information for people under the age of 18.  For staff under the age of 18, it is suggested camps require staff to sign a form indicating lack of criminal activity or conviction.

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VISION - To be the recognized leader in the Manitoba camps community.

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