Staffing is all about hiring the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Making sure you hire well is so important. Committed, motivated, qualified employees help your organization achieve its purpose. Hiring right can be time consuming, but human resources are a substantial investment and limited financial resources mean that hiring mistakes can be a huge financial burden. The cost is compounded when a hiring mistake erodes employee morale and disrupts your office. Additionally, the hiring process must be carried out fairly to avoid expensive and reputation damaging human rights claims.

To access tools and resources that will help you through the recruitment process visit

Staff Application Form

Using a standardized form for staff applications is useful for initial screening of potential applicants. 

According to Standard L3 in the MCA Standards Manual camps must request the following information from applicants:

  • Name

  • Contact information 

  • Current relevant certifications

  • Relevant skills

  • Relevant experience

  • If the applicant is 18 years of age or older

Information that is not appropriate to ask on application or during an interview:

  • Birthdate

  • Marital status 

  • Political association 

  • Ethnic background or origin

Recruitment Resources

Job descriptions can be posted in various locations such as websites, social media, and community newsletters or bulletins.


Tapping into an existing network on't forget to circulate among your network of contacts as well. The job description should outline the expectation clearly in addition to hours of work, length of work term and compensation (especially if room and board is included). 

Examples of Posting Opportunities


Post-secondary students in fields such as Education, Recreation, Phys Ed, Social Work, Early Childhood Education can be great choices for summer camp staff.  


Student Placements/Internships 

Many post-secondary programs require students to complete field work or an internship program. These students can be a great resource as most programs require work be completed on a volunteer or honorarium basis. Contacting the Field Placement Coordinator in a program related to recreation, physical activity, or child and youth work can be a good place to start. 


University of Manitoba Faculty of Kinesiology & Recreation Management

Colleen Plumton, Instructor and Fieldwork Program Coordinator 

110 Frank Kennedy Centre

P: 204-474-8636



University of Winnipeg Professional, Applied, and Continuing Education

Gina Aiello, Internship Assistant

P: 204-982-1172


MISSION - Play a leadership role in promoting and supporting the community of organized camps, encouraging the growth and recreational experiences for children, youth and families. 

VISION - To be the recognized leader in the Manitoba camps community.

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