Whether it comes to staff or volunteers it is important that you have guiding policies that apply to both. 


When using volunteers, policies should not give any implication that they are anything but volunteers (e.g. paid staff). Labour laws apply to paid staff which is why this distinction is important. 


Stating behavioural codes or general expectations up front, including gaining volunteer or staff written agreement with such codes/expectations. Camps may wish to seek legal advice on their codes to ensure they do not infringe on peoples’ rights and freedoms.



  • It is camp policy that all staff and volunteers abstain from smoking. 

  • Smoking on camp property is absolutely prohibited, and will be grounds for dismissal.


Staff behavioural issues you may wish to cover in your policies include:

  • Alcohol use.

  • Illegal drug possession and use.

  • Smoking.              

  • Sexual relations between volunteers or staff while at camp.

  • Relationships with campers – defining appropriate limits. 

  • Treatment of other staff / volunteers, supervisors, campers, and guests. 

  • Appropriate touch guidelines and other child protection limits for working with children.

  • Harassment or Abuse (both what constitutes such, and processes for making a complaint – see “The Human Rights Code of Manitoba”).

  • Staff dress codes including cover up requirements, footwear and safety standards.

Additional Resources


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Staff Discipline Resources        

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