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For over 70 years Camp Wannakumbac has provided a creative social experience for young people from any culture, religion, or background. We’re fortunate enough to be located steps away from Clear Lake, which is within the boundary of Riding Mountain National Park. As a non-denominational camp, Wannakumbac's focus is cooperative learning and leadership with emphasis on friendship, nature, community, and tradition. Besides the daily activities campers have come to expect, Wannakumbac is best known for our unique weekly programming. You never know what's going to happen next! We’ve had visits from popular movie characters, game show hosts, rock stars, pirates… you name it! The programs are planned so that each camper will take home exciting memories of their week with us, and ensures that each year there will always be new experiences.

Camp Wannakumbac has a variety of activities that utilize our beautiful space beside Riding Mountain National Park and Clear Lake. Each week will go on an outdoor campout for one night, prepare food over a fire, and stay in a tent. Teen Campers also have an opportunity to go on an out-trip beyond camp’s boundaries to visit unique areas in RMNP such as the Bison Compound. Each camper participates in daily activities such as hiking, mountain biking, archery, canoeing, arts & crafts, music, yoga, and many many more. Every week also features a unique program which is tailored to the age of campers & current pop-culture.

In 1948, the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture began conducting summer camps with a focus on education about the co-op movement. Local farm families had shared a better life as a result of cooperatives and desired that their children could learn about their philosophy and inner workings. Children were taught the principles of governing self-help organizations, public speaking, conduct of meetings, parliamentary procedures, leadership of discussion groups, farm organization, and the rural community. At all camps, a snack bar was run and operated by campers to practice their new skills. As years of programming at Camp Wannakumbac developed, emphasis moved away from actual education of co-op organizations and towards co-operation in a social sense. In 70 years of summer camp, Wannakumbac has focused on providing experience in group living, gaining a greater appreciation for the outdoors, and provide as many opportunities as possible for learning new skills and leadership training.

We love our sponsors! The operation of Camp Wannakumbac is overseen by


The Wasagaming Foundation. The Foundation is comprised of each of our sponsors which today include:

- Manitoba's Credit Unions

- Co-op Hail Insurance

- Federated Cooperatives

- Keystone Agriculture Poducers

- Manitoba Elk's Association

- The Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

- Parrish & Heimbecker

-Wannakumbac Circle


Manitoba Federation of Agriculture (now known as KAP) and Manitoba Pool Elevators were founding members of the Foundation. The sponsorship dollars received annually are directed towards the Wannakumbac summer program so that every child is subsidized a portion of their camp fee. With this financial assistance, Camp Wannakumbac offers quality programming that’s affordable to all youth. Wannakumbac is a place that all children, urban and rural, from all cultures, religions and backgrounds can have outdoor experiences and opportunities to thrive through positive leadership and personal growth. We need our sponsors to help us keep this great opportunity for all youth affordable. Thank you for all that you do!

MISSION - Play a leadership role in promoting and supporting the community of organized camps, encouraging the growth and recreational experiences for children, youth and families. 

VISION - To be the recognized leader in the Manitoba camps community.

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