Boating Safety

Basic Canoe Skills

This course is designed for those with little or no canoeing

experience. It teaches the fundamentals. Topics include

basic gear selection, canoe safety, basic paddling strokes,

entering and exiting the canoe, balance, and emergency

procedures. At the end of the course, you will be comfortable

getting into and out-of a canoe, have the knowledge to

select the appropriate basic gear, paddle the canoe in

roughly the direction you would like, and know what to

do in an emergency.

Lake Canoe Introduction Tandem

This introduction course is for those who have an understanding of the basic canoeing skills and want to advance to the level where they can comfortable paddle on longer outings. Improving and refining paddling strokes are emphasized as is learning rescue techniques and the fundamentals of navigation, knots, and environmental stewardship. At the end of the course you will be able to comfortably paddle for extended periods on calm sheltered waters with confidence.

Lake Canoe Intermediate Tandem Instructor 

This level is ideal for those wanting to teach tandem canoeing at the introductory or intermediate level. It would be suitable for those running waterfront canoeing programs or teaching canoeing in a camp setting as well as professional guides who have to teach canoeing skills to their clients. The emphasis of the course is on teaching rather than skills. Candidates will be expected to have paddling skills at the Paddle Canada ‘Lake Canoe Advanced Tandem’ level. While certification at this level is not specifically required, candidates will be expected  to demonstrate paddling skills to this level. 



This Paddle Canada program includes nationally recognized certifications in five skill levels, five Instructor levels, and four Instructor-Trainer Levels.


Certifications are earned during participation in courses and through a process of mentorship. The skill levels begin with an introduction to sea kayaking and follow through to development of the skills and knowledge necessary for safe sea kayak touring along Canada's magnificent open sea coasts and freshwater shorelines.


Pleasure Craft Operators Certification 

Everyone who operates a power-driven boat in Canada needs to learn the how to safely operate one.  Get your Pleasure Craft Operator card by passing an accredited boating safety test.

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