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Viva Manitoba:
Mexican newcomers soak up camp life

Dax Trejo’s children were so ecstatic when they heard they were going to camp, they started packing that same day.


Diego, 14, and Renata, 13, attended camp last year with the help of the Sunshine Fund. They went to Camp Assiniboia, just west of Winnipeg.

“When they wrote their letters (for camp), their emotion was kind of contained, but once we received the notification, they just released all that emotion,” Trejo said.

Dax said Renata came home raving about camping under the stars in her tent, while Diego loved spending time with the animals and plants.


Both children loved singing songs and doing activities with other campers.


Trejo and his family moved to Winnipeg in 2021, after leaving their home in Mexico City.


Trejo said his family moved so his children could have a better education. Trejo is a master’s student at the University of Manitoba. When they moved to Winnipeg, Trejo said they immediately wanted to try everything in the city. Trejo said they started preparing for their first winter, despite arriving in Winnipeg in July.

“We just wanted to avoid staying at home during the weekends so we can develop some memories,” said Trejo on Thursday.


During their first winter, Trejo said his family enjoyed trying their hand at skating and sledding through the snow.


Trejo said he often took his children on camping trips in the Mexican mountains, however the trip to Camp Assiniboia was the first time they camped without family or relatives.

This year, Diego and Renata will attend Camp Koinonia south of Boissevain. Renata will be attending the camp in July, and Diego will go in August.

Trejo views the coming years as important times for his children to build lasting memories. He said the Sunshine Fund helps his family build those memories.


“If there wasn’t support available, they would’ve missed that opportunity,” Trejo said.


Each year, the Sunshine Fund sends about 600 children to 32 camps across Manitoba and Ontario.

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Dax Trejo, right, with wife Sara, centre, daughter Renata, 13, left, and son Diego, 14.

By: Matthew Frank


Send cheques to the Winnipeg Free Press Sunshine Fund, c/o Unit 6-1110 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg, MB, R2G 1L1

You can also call in with a credit card number to 204-784-1130. Donate online at by clicking on the “donate now” box and then going to the fund’s Canada Helps donation page.

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